bunk bed guard rail

Things You Should Know About Bunk Bed Guard Rail

Bunk Bed Guard Rail:What It Is For?

Bunk Bed Guard Rail is designed to prevent accidents like falling or rolling out of the bed. You want to use it ensure the safety for those using the top bunk. The upper bed must have a safety rail on both side for maximum safety.

bunk bed guard rail

Requirements For Bunk Bed Guard Rail

To ensure that it is safe to use,you need to make sure that the one you are using meet all the requirements.

  1. The upper edge of the guardrail must be more than 5 inches above the top surface of your mattress.
  2. The guardrails must span the whole length of your bed on the side that does not have the access to ladders or stairs if it is not secured to the wall.
  3. The openings between the guardrails and the frame must not be more than three and the half inches.This is to avoid entrapment or strangulation.
  4. The guardrails must be properly attached and structurally sound. It must be secured in such a way that they cannot be removed without using tools.
  5. If ladders are provided,make sure it is properly attached to it.
  6. For safety issues, make sure the mattress foundation is fastened and placed securely.

The Benefits and Risks of Safety Rails

Potential benefits 

  1. Provide a support to get out of the top bunk. Sometimes,when you try to get down,you would want to hold something for an extra support and safety.
  2. It can provide a sense of safety and security. When you are sleeping at the top bunk, you might be afraid that you might fall while sleeping.

Potential risks 

  1. Injury. Although it rarely occurs,injury can happen when part of your body are caught between the rails and the mattress.
  2. If the rails are not secured properly,it can cause more severe injuries when one is using the bunk bed guard rail as a support to get down.

Things You Must Know About Bunk Bed Ladder

Three Tips To Select The Perfect Bunk Bed Ladder

Do you want to know the three tips to select the perfect bunk bed ladder. If so, this article is for YOU! People think that it is easy to select the right one but there are actually a few factors you need to consider before you purchased a bunk bed ladder. Here are the three tips that you will need to help you make which bunk bed ladder is suitable for you.



1. Space. This is one of the most important factor you should consider before purchasing. If you prefer to go for the most space saving option, getting a straight ladder bed is usually the best option as getting a staircase to get to the top of the bed can take up a lot of space. If your bedroom is long and narrow, a staircase might be a good idea as it does not protrude from the bed. Besides that, you can get an angled ladder. It will protrude further into the bedroom. However, you have the option to decide where to attach it to the bed to minimize any impact on space utilization for most cases. Most of them can be attached anywhere you prefer them to be. You do not have to worry that if you will change your mind later. This is because you can always change the configuration later.


2.Safety. It may not seem like it is any dangerous to get to the top of the bunk bed. However, there is a tendency that a slip and fall can happen. Therefore, it should be avoided at all cost. The best option for a ladder is to get an angled ladder. This is because it is a better option to get the angled ladder if you are concerned about the safety issues. This is because the angle makes climbing to the top of the bed easier and less treacherous especially among young kids. You can also add safety rail on one side. This usually gives enough support to prevent any accidents like fall or slip from happening. You can always look for ladders with wide steps and a sturdy handrail that you can hold on to.

As for the most affordable choice, you can get the straight ladder. It is your choice whether to get for the straight or the angled bunk bed ladder.

3. Comfort. You will know how uncomfortable it can be not to have sufficient support for your feet while climbing if you have climb a rope ladder with bare feet. Therefore, it is likely that you will be climbing into the top of the bunk bed with bare feet for quite some time.

As for adults, sometimes you need to climb up to get to the top of the bed to change the sheets or even read a bedtime story for your child. Your children may be okay with the thin ladder steps but you might find it more challenging than you think. Therefore, it is best that you get one that is comfortable to everybody.

Bunk Bed Replacement Ladder

Bunk bed replacement ladder is required if the bunk bed you purchased that do not come with ladders which is used to make one to get to the top bunk easier. This is true especially for kids. If it does not come with it or if it is broken, you can actually save money and build your own angled wooden bunk bed ladder. If not, there are bunk bed ladders sold separately for replacement purposes. You do not have to be handy to build it. All you need to do is to follow our 12 simple steps to build it. Here is how you do it!


Step 1-The slope of the ladder. You need to hold one length of 2 x 4 in position against the upper rail of the bed. By using the sliding bevel,you need to determine the angle you prefer to build it to. After that, you need to mark where it meet the floor at the backside of the foot of the 2 x 4. In this guide, we are going to use a 15 degree angle.

Step 2. Bottom of the sides are measured and cut. Based on the mark that you just made on the 2 x 4 side, you have to draw a straight line across the face. The bevel is set to 15 degree. From the same starting point, you need to draw a line at that angle to the right of the straight line. After that, you need to cut the second side at the same point with the same angle as before.Use a circular saw to cut along the angled line. For safety purposes,make sure that you are wearing a safety gear when using a circular saw.

Step 3– Tops of the sides are measured and cut. You need to set the sides flush on the floor and up against the rail. You need to mark the 2 x 4 about three inches above the rail. After you have done that, cut the tops off of both sides using a saw.

Step 4– You need to decide on a length and cut pieces of 1 x 4 equally to affix between both sides of the ladder. The amount of rungs you need to place depends on the height of the ladder. Make sure that you do not place them more than twelve inches apart on the center and the beginning is not higher than eight inches off the ground.

Step 5– Make a mark on both side pieces of the ladder starting eight inches off the ground. The rungs should be space 10 inches apart. measure it equally on the both pieces and make a second mark on each. As for the last rung, it must to be placed above the rail of the upper bunk.

Step 6– Hold the T- -square against the face of the side at 90 degree angle to its long edge at the marks you have just made. After that, you need to draw a straight line across over the mark. The sliding bevel is set at a 15 degree angle. Draw a line 15 degree off the straight line from the outside edge of the side. This is done on the inside face of the side at each mark.


Step 7– The lines for the rungs must be parallel to the floor. Drill in two holes on each line through the 2 x 4 by using a power drill. After that, use the power drill to drill a countersink into the outside of the holes.

Step 8– You need to preset the wood screws. This is done by preset two 31/2 inch screws into each of the hole. If it is done correctly,there should be two per rung each side. It should be set such that the tips are barely shown on the inside.

Step 9– After you completed step 8, you need to sand the rung edges. The sharp top and bottom edges of each of the rung on the front and top edge on the back should be round out by using a power sander. After that, use a light sandpaper to smooth out spots that you find it rough.

Step 10– Attach the rungs. This is done by applying glue to the edge you are going to attach. Hold it in place and set the screws into the countersunk holes. Do not rush this step. Complete it one side at a time.

Step 11– Before you apply primer and paint,you need to sand the ladder down first. This is to ensure that it is smooth. After that, apply about one coat of primer. After it is dry, coat it with the paint that you prefer and let it to dry completely.

Step 12– The pilot holes for the hardware need to be drilled so that you can attach the hooks into the 2 x 4 s. After that, the hook should be hold in place and set the screws until it is properly secured. Your bunk bed ladder should be lock onto the upper rail safely once it is properly secured.

metal bunk bed

Everything You Should Know About Metal Bunk Bed

Introduction To Metal Bunk Bed

Metal bunk bed is one of the amazing furniture that offer a modern look that children adore at a very affordable price. Typically, it is crafted from steel tubes,metal rods or wrought iron. If the model that you purchased is made out of steel tubes,it is usually lightweight and easy to move around and convertible. As for the model that are made out of heavier metals such as wrought iron, you can expect it to offer you unmatched strength and durability. It can lasts for a very long time. Regardless of what type of metal you have chosen ,it is coated so that it is resistant to wear and tear such as chipping and scratching. They are gaining popularity among college dorms and other institutional uses because of their advantages.metal bunk bed

Metal bunk beds are getting more popular. This is because they are typically more affordable if compared to wooden bunk bed. Most of these beds are manufactured in countries like Taiwan, Malaysia and Mexico and they are sold in United States by importers.

Bunk beds that are made out of metal do have their place in the market and hold a decent percentage of it even though wood is still one of the most common material. They exude a modern look to your bedroom and are very durable. Besides that, the reason why they are cheaper if compare to the wooden ones is due partly to the lower production costs and their simplicity. They come with less optional items and additions that you can choose from than the wooden ones.

Most of the models you purchased feature appealing curvy forms that makes them look more appealing since metal allows for easy shaping. As they can be constructed from steel tubes,metal rods or wrought iron,the tubular design can be considered the most common type in today’s market. The quality of the models are usually coated with powder-coat finish which is tougher compared to those conventional paint and it has resistance toward scratches and chipping, UV damage and rusting. Most importantly, it looks very appealing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Metal Bunk Bed

Before you purchase anything,it is important that you know the pros and cons so that you are 100% certain that you would not regret your decision.


  1. It makes your bedroom more appealing whether you believe or not! Manufacturers have created furniture such that it combines both form and function. As metal is easier when it comes to shaping it, you can expect the design you have chosen is very appealing. A basic piece of metal furniture can be transform into something indistinguishable from wood by the natural colors that are reminiscent of wood.
  2. It is very easy to clean. When it comes to cleaning a furniture made out of metal, it is so much easier to clean than wooden furniture.
  3. Pest control. There are many scientific proof states that furniture that are made out of metal does not deter bed bugs any better than wooden furniture. however, metal furniture tolerates chemicals that are used for pest fighting which is better than wood. This is because of its less absorbent surface. It has bends, folds and board areas that allows unwanted pests especially bed bugs to hide. The good news it that with proper inspection and maintenance,it can be a helpful part of a pest management plan.
  4. It blends well with wooden furniture. While it is designed to mimic and blend in with wood furniture, it can be also a good statement as part of a team color design. The color options or custom paints are very easy to achieve.
  5. It is extremely durable. This material is able to tolerate extreme use which is makes it suitable for most group living environment especially for transient housing applications,dorms and others. These bunk beds are very durable and easy to clean. The finishes are so well-sealed that it can withstand punctures,drink rings and even extreme heavy use. If you are looking for something that can last for a very long period time,then getting this type of bunk bed is very suitable for you.
  6. It comes with an affordable price. With an affordable price, you can expect it to last for ten to fifteen years or even longer if you can maintain it well. Many of them comes with warranties that will cover normal use for more than ten years.


Most of the things that we purchased have their advantages and disadvantages. Although this type of bunk beds can be very beneficial for us, you need to consider a few negative aspects as well. Out of all the disadvantages,the one and only disadvantages you need to consider is that this type of furniture tends to be extremely heavy and bulky. If you want to move it from one place to another, you will find it is nearly impossible to do it by yourself. You will need a few people to help you to move it. The only exception to this is that you purchased a furniture that is made out of aluminium. This is because aluminium is one of the material that is very light. If you do not have any problem with this, then purchasing this type of bunk bed should not be an issue.

Wooden Or Metal Bunk Bed?

In the end of the day, you need to made your decision whether to choose wooden or metal bunk bed. The choice comes down to its aesthetics and functionality. For certain environments, some people prefer metal bunk bed with their simplicity and its new look will just fit their bedroom naturally. However, most people still think that wooden bunk bed will still be their main choice as they blend better with the rest of the furniture that are in their bedroom already. Other than that, versatility is something to consider as well. For wooden bunk bed, it comes in many other style and variation that you can choose from based on your personal preference but there are many that find that metal bunk bed looks more appealing. Therefore, you need to make your decision whether to go for the wooden or metal bunk bed.

bunk beds with stairs

Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing Bunk Beds With Stairs

Introduction To Bunk Beds With Stairs

It is a good idea to get a bunk bed with stairs. There are several reasons for this but there is one of them that stands out above the rest which is safety. If you are currently thinking to get one for your children’s room but shudder at the thought of your kids climbing up and down the ladder frequently. You have only one choice if that is the case which is to get bunk beds with stairs. Parents like to get one of these for their kids. This is because you can get it with bright colors, many types of style,it save a lot of space for those who lived in a small spaced household.

Bunk beds with stairs can be used for the renovation of your kid’s room. The design is depends on the shapes and the bright colors that you prefer. It is much safer and easier for your children to get to the top of the bunk especially for the one that is well designed and constructed. Besides that, it can provide a peace of mind to parents. This is because a staircase is not only safer for your children but it also contributed some storage space. This is because each of the stairs can be used as a deep and spacious drawer. Not only that, the stairways can also be used as a seating area for your family and friends.

There are always a downside for almost everything you purchased. The only downside or disadvantages is that a staircase can take up some space but people argue that the drawers that are built in more than make up for it. It is cost a little bit more for the whole configuration. This is because the making a staircase can be a little bit more complex than making a simple ladder.

The Safety Of Bunk Beds With Stairs

Nothing is more important than safety. The first thing that every parent’s mind when purchasing anything for your kids is safety. Safety always comes first. However, all too often asked questions about safe practices and other types of precautions are often overlooked when purchasing a furniture for their kids. It is rather often to see parents asking the wrong questions and put their kids at risk without knowing.bunk beds with stairs

While getting to the top of the bunk might not seem like it is particularly dangerous. However, a slip and fall can happen. It should be avoided at all cost. The safety option out there is to get a stair to get your child to the top of the bunk. It does not only provides a fairly large surface for your kids to step on, it also have a handrail that is already built-in when purchased. This is important when it comes to safety because your kids can hold onto the handrails to prevent them from slipping or falling. Your kids will be covered on both sides when he entered the bed as it is connected to the end of the bed.

It can eliminates climbing angles and provides a wider footing for your kids.  Besides that, it is easier for parents to get to the top of the bunk bed when required. There are even some models that have storage space available under the stairs. However, you need to pay extra attention to the drawers placement for these models. This is because some drawers open directly on to the stairs and if it is left open, it may pose a risk of tripping. Therefore, it is better to look for beds that have drawers on the side of the unit and not in a position where it can obstruct your kids getting to the top bunk.

This eliminates climbing angles and provides wider, sturdier footing for children. It is also easier for parents to climb up to the top bunk when needed. Some models even offer extra storage space under the stairs. However, for models with extra storage under the stairs, pay attention to the placement of the drawers. Some drawers open directly on to the stairs and if left open, pose a tripping risk. Look for beds that have drawers on the side of the unit instead, which will not be in a position to obstruct children walking up them.

Choosing The Right Bunk Beds With Stairs For Your Kids

You might be wondering that these kind of beds are used to be the old military type made from metal and they are often very uncomfortable to sleep in. How is it possible for your children to sleep in? Getting up and down from the top might be nothing but a torture but today stairs and ladders have made bunk beds to become the hip furniture choice for kids bedroom today. In today’s market, you will be amazed by the numbers of new varieties available and how you can find the right one for your growing kids. If you are curious what is the right choice for you, you do not have to worry. Here is a checklist of of choosing the right one for your kids. This checklist will lead you in the right direction!

1.Make sure that your room room is large enough. It is important for you to ensure that there is enough room. This is your first priority as this kind of beds are a great addition to your kid’s room. The awesome thing about it is the ability to utilize vertical space but for the horizontal space is important for walking around safely without bumping into one and another. However, You need to remember the other features such as the stairs and drawers. This is because more space is required to maneuver around and still have space for walking. Make sure your room is big enough to ample room for all of these functions. To make sure that your kids get up and won safely, factor in a few feet of walking distance around the stairs.

2.Assess the ability of your kids to access to the bunk bed. The final buying stages is to look at how your kids maneuver the stairs. It is important that your kids can access to the top without any difficulty. Sometimes, the stairs can be too narrow or even hard to see stairs tucked away and out of sight which can be a possible tripping hazard for your kids. If it is possible, let your kids to test how easy it is for them to get to the top by using the stairs and make sure a there is a handrail for them to hold onto. There are beds that do not have handrails as those are for older teenagers or children who do not need to worry about the balance.

It is the best thing to do before purchasing the unit is to call the retailer or manufacturer to give you individualized attention for the model you are going to buy bunk beds with stairs.


Wooden Bunk Bed Ultimate Purchasing Guide

Wooden Bunk Bed: Should You Buy It?

Wooden bunk bed is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who plans on purchasing it.  Most of them want to know the advantages,disadvantages and the guide to purchased it so that it is suitable for them. You do not have to worry about this because we are focusing on its features,advantages,disadvantages and the guide to purchase it in this article.

When you get a material that is made out of wood,it is most likely that they are sturdy,more secure and easy to move. Besides that, it will make your bedroom more appealing than before, as it looks more decorous especially if it is made out of oak.


When it comes to wooden bunk bed,a popular material that is used to made it is pinewood. It may not be as luxurious as oak but it is known to be an affordable choice. If you prefer to have a natural theme for your bedroom, getting beds that are made out of pinewood is a good idea. You will be amazed how it can transform your room into a beautiful and natural-looking theme bedroom with such affordable price.

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Wooden Bunk Bed

Before you decide to purchase everything,you have need to know its advantages and disadvantages first so that you are 100% confirmed that your decision is correct.



  1. It comes with a variety of colors and styles that you can choose from. There are many products that we purchased have a huge range of colors to choose from but most of them are artificial. Therefore, one great thing about beds that are made out of wood is that its colors are natural.
  2. If you cannot get the color you wanted based on your personal preference, you can customize it by getting stained wood.
  3. As for the style of the bed,there are many styles you can choose from as there are many types of woods. You can choose any style you like based on your preference.
  4. It is easy to be maintained and cleaned. If you polishing the wood, it will look fresh and new as if you just purchased it yesterday.
  5. The price of the materials. Based on your budget, you can get it cheap or expensive. You can get your bed made out of oak if you can afford a more expensive bed. If you prefer a cheaper and high quality wood,you can get a bed that is made out of pinewood.


  1. It is bulky and big. If you decide to move the bed around from one place to another,it can be a difficult task to do it.
  2. If the bed is made out of hardwood, it is not an environment friendly choice. This is because these trees take centuries to get taller.
  3. As there are many type of wood material out there, you need to keep an eye on the manufacturing wood and its process.

Guide To Buy Wooden Bunk Bed

Now that you have decided whether or not you should purchased it after knowing its advantages and disadvantages, we have listed a few factors when purchasing it.

1.What Do You Want Your Bedroom To Look Like?

This is based on your preference. There are so many types of wood materials you can choose from. Do you prefer to have a more natural-looking theme for your room? Do you want a room that is more romantic looking? You can choose the type of wood you want to match the theme you like.

2.Test of Time:How long it can stand

Beds that are made out of solid wood can be very sturdy. The tendency for it to break under weight or force is less likely to happen. You can get wood like Oak, it can be very durable as it is consider one of the strongest wood material you can use to make furniture and it is resistant to fungus and even moisture. Even thought it is consider to be one of the strongest wood out there, it can be very important to treat it with care. This is because that is no such thing as a furniture will remain perfect if it is abused. As Oak can last for a long time with little maintenance, it is always a solid choice for anyone who can afford it. Besides that, You can even choose walnut which is a dense and grained wood as a material of your bed as an alternative as it would not shrink up easily.

3. Which is more cost effective for you?

Getting beds that are made out of high quality wood like pinewood is a great investment. It does not only look good but it comes with an affordable price. The reason why pinewood is cheaper if you compare it with other types of wooden material is that it is considered to be fast-growing. You can even sand,stain, and even paint the food to give it a new look and more appealing again if you are bored with its appearance. If you can afford more expensive material, you can go for the oak wood. It may be a little pit more expensive if you compare it with the price of pinewood. The good thing is that you can make it look new again just by polishing it only twice per year which is not a burden at all.

4. Building and dismantling:is it easy?

If you are not a very handy person, you need to know how is the difficulty of assembling it before you purchased it. The difficulty of assembling is entirely depends on the design and the structure of the beds. If you dislike building or dismantling stuff, then get a design that is simple and easy to build.

5.Which material is the most environmentally friendly?

Wooden bunk bed can be easily recycle. This is because they will eventually decay and break down as the time goes by. If you want to be more environmentally friendly,you can be creative and to use the wood for many other types of purposes. For example, you can use it for landscaping.




Important Bunk Bed Pins Facts You Need To Know

What is A Bunk Bed Pins?


Bunk bed pins is a accessory that comes with the bunk beds upon purchase. One of the things you should not forget to carry from the shop is the bunk bed pins. Otherwise, the bunk bed will become useless once you get home. The manufacturer drills holes in the bunk beds and makes metallic pins that perfectly fit into the hole. This article presents some of the uses and sizes of bunk bed pins.

Uses Of Bunk Bed Pins

The primary role is to join the two or three beds together. It is critical to ensure that the beds hold firmly on top of each other. It is risky to sleep on a bed that is not firm. The bed may roll over when the user tries to turn from one position to the other. These pins play a critical role in ensuring that your family members are safe as they use the bed. You don’t want your loved ones to get some injuries after falling with the bed.

It also guarantee comfort to the user. You don’t want to sleep on a bed that is shaky or one that makes a lot of noise. You will only have a sound sleep if you are on a firm bed. Your mind will also be at peace if the bed does not shake. The primary intention of sleeping is to have enough rest from your daily chores as you prepare for the next day. These pins will enhance the level of comfort you receive from the bunk bed.

Besides that,bunk bed pin also improve the transportation of the bed by making it highly portable. You can dismount the bed and mount it again without compromising on the quality of the bed. These metallic bars are so easy to fit such that anyone can assemble the bed. It becomes very easy to move around the bed as you relocate from one residence to the other.

Sizes Of Bunk Bed Pins

It is possible to lose the pin especially while transporting them from one place to another. You should never go to a store to purchase new ones without confirming the exact size. There are standard sizes on the market, but some manufacturers may make their unique size depending on the needs.

You need to confirm the length and width of the hole in your bed before leaving for shopping. Small bunk beds will require little pins and vice versa. However, you can confirm from the recommendations of the manufacturer on the best bunk bed pins for your bed. Always go for pins that are made from steel because they are stronger and ensure the stability of the bed.

If you don’t get the exact size in a retail store, you can still order a set from any bunk bed manufacturer. Just get the measurements to the manufacturer, and they will get you a new set of bunk bed pins. You should not compromise on the safety of your loved ones by getting the wrong size of bunk bed pins.


Everything You Need To Know About Triple Bunk Bed

Everything About Triple Bunk Bed


Triple bunk bed is important when it comes to saving space. We are living in a world that is characterized with a lot of space limitation. Some people still find double bunk beds to be uneconomical. Triple bunk beds have three beds that are stack on top of each other. They play a critical role in the bedroom of your children, dormitories, prisons, and even hostels. They allow more members of your family to use a single bedroom. This explains why triple bunk beds have been increasing in popularity.

This article focuses on the advantages of triple bunk beds, comparison between standard bunk beds and triple bunk ones, guide to buying a nice triple bunk bed, why buying a triple bunk bed is an excellent idea, and the safety tips to using a triple bunk bed. You will discover that these beds play a critical role in the current generation where people are striving to make maximum use of space.

Advantages of Triple Bunk Bed

The modern crowded world has enhanced the use of triple bunk beds. The primary intention of most interior designers, builders, and architects is to save on space, and accommodate so many things in a very small room. You may reduce the number of things in your house but leaving out a bed is a dream.

Situations may force you to have a bed for each person if your family has several members. You will require more square feet of area if you need several beds. You can create more room by stacking the beds up rather than having three beds occupying a large space.

Triple bunk beds are the best option in the room of children, prisons, dormitories, and hostels. Triple bunk beds are very appropriate in small apartments that are characterized with sky rocketing prices of housing. You can have three children sharing a single room with a lot of comfort. The children also spend a lot of time with one another and take care of smaller kids that may be afraid of sleeping alone. The same situation still applies in the case of a hostel.

Another advantage of triple bunk beds is the they are cost effective. The average sleeping space of each member is less in these beds when you compare with other beds. It is better to buy one triple bunk bed that buying three single beds or a double bunk bed and a single one. In addition, triple bunk beds require less space hence reducing the space further.

Comparison Between a Standard Bunk Bed and Triple Bunk Bed

Standard bunk beds comprise of only two beds that are stuck on each other. Standard beds only accommodate two users while triple bunk beds accommodate up to three members. Given that the height of most rooms is usually the same, triple bunk beds are more squeezed than triple bunk ones. The risk of falling from triple bunk beds is higher than that of standard bunk beds. Therefore, triple bunk beds have more enhanced safety measures than triple bunk ones.

Given that triple bunk beds accommodate more weight than standard ones, they are typically manufactured from more sturdy materials. This explains why they tend to be more expensive than standard bunk beds. When it comes to saving space, triple bunk beds save more space by making more use of your room.

Guide to Buy a Good Triple Bunk Bed

There are several factors to consider while buying a triple bunk bed. First, the bed has to be made from hard wood timber for strength. This bed has to be strong because it accommodates a lot of weight. Soft wood can be risky especially if the bed is being used by adults. Of course you don’t want a bed that may pose a risk to your family members.

You can select the color of the bed depending on the interior decorations of your room. The advantage of wooded triple bunk beds is that you can repaint them easily after purchase. The market has a wide range of triple bunk beds. You need to get one that perfectly meets the sleeping needs of your family members. Some of them have additional accessories like shelves and drawers just to name a few. These designs may be more expensive but they save more space than ordinary ones.

Why Buying a Triple Bunk Bed is a Good Idea?

You will agree with me that buying triple bunk beds an excellent idea. First, it meets the sleeping needs of your members with higher efficiency. These beds allow you to make better use of your sleeping space. Buying triple bunk beds is an excellent idea because they are cost effective. The cost of the average sleeping space on a triple bunk bed is less when you compare to standard bunk beds and normal beds. Given that more family members use the same room; triple bunk beds enhance bonding among the members.

Safety Tips for Using Triple Bunk Bed

One fact you will agree to is that the risk of falling from a triple bunk bed is very high. Therefore, safety is a major concern for anyone who is using triple beds. It’s good to enclose the area round the bed especially for the people sleeping on top decker. This will significantly reduce the risk of falling and injury. The bed should have proper guardrail on both sides to protect the user from falling and rolling off the bed. The ladder should also be properly attached to the triple bunk bed to eliminate any chances of sliding.

Another challenge is the space for the person who sleeps on the top most bed. Such a person may have a very little breathing space at his disposal. Therefore, you need to consider the height of the bed and your room while buying a triple bunk bed. You can also look at the ventilation of your room while making a purchase decision.

There are different designs of triple bunk beds. Some have an L shape where the bed is present on one another instead of stacking them over each other. This feature enhances the safety of the bed. The beds also come in loft and standard models to suit in various room spaces.



What You Need To Know About Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Features of Full Over Full Bunk Bedsfull-over-full-bunk-beds

Full over full bunk beds come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. The beds are suitable for both children and adults. You can make the bed from either metal or wood, and they come in different colors. You can come across various models and designs of full over full bunk beds in the marketplace.

Full over full bunk beds comes with a lot of comforts and aesthetic you could be searching. Some of the beds have additional features such as well-designed ladders, safety racks, and chest drawers. Unlike other bunk beds full over full bunk beds are more when it comes to making good use of the limited space and offering comfort.

This article focuses on the full over full bunk beds. It will be paying attention to the features and benefits of full over full bunk beds. The article also attempts to explain the factors you should consider before buying full over full bunk beds.

· Metal vs. Wood

You can either construct these beds from metal or wood. Metallic full over full bunk beds weigh less and last longer than wooden ones. The metallic option is relatively cheap but more compact than the wooden full over full bunk beds. However, they have a less aesthetic appearance.

Wooden beds have a broad range of designs and have a beautiful look. They have a high-quality look, feel, and finish together with the build particularly those that have stairs and storage. The price of the wooden full over full bunk beds can be double or triple that of metallic ones.

· Colors

Each person has his preferences when it comes to aesthetics, and this includes finish and colors. Even though you can paint your bed with any color after purchase, standard black, gray, or white are the most common color for metallic beds. You can also find the wooden version in walnut, white, pine, oak, espresso, and cappuccino finishes.

· Can you Split the Bed into two

This feature plays a critical role in the process of making decisions. Some of the beds are detachable, and you can convert them into two separate beds. Even though you need these beds because of limited space, you may want to separate them in future once you move to a bigger house. You can achieve this objective if you purchase a set that allows separation. Some of the wooden frames have a joint that lets you lift the top bunk from the bottom counterpart. The challenge with most metallic full over full bunk is that they lack this feature.

· Sizes 

Most manufacturers prefer to stick to the standard size of bed. However, as most manufacturers of these beds hold to the standard width and length, they adopt a variable height. You have to go through the full dimension to make sure that your room can accommodate the bed. Apart from confirming the height, you also have to check some added features such as storage and stairs. These extra features may consume more space than you expect.

Benefits of Getting a Full Over Full Bunk Beds

· These Beds are Ideal for Small Space

The beds provide a lot of comfort by accommodating several people in a small room. These beds are ideal for people whose homes have limited space. You can decongest your rooms by saving on space, and this enhanced the circulation of air and light in the chamber. Therefore, full over full bunk beds will make your room habitable and healthy.

It’s more than Just a Bed

You can assemble and disassemble these beds because they come with a manual. It becomes very easy for you to move with them from one house to another. They have additional features like chest which offer storage. These features increase their utilitarian and aids in the optimal use of the beds. You can convert one section of the bed into a study area or sofa which makes it be more than just a bed.

· Available in Different colors

The material that is used to make these beds, metal or wood, take up any color very well which makes it easy for the manufacturer to avail them in different colors. The color you choose will assist in complementing the room and this aid in creating an aesthetic appeal.

· Extremely comfortable

Unlike other beds in this category, full over full bunk beds are spacious which makes them unique and extremely comfortable. You cannot deny yourself comfort due to limited space, and these beds are secure and safe and give you the luxury of better sleep.

How to Choose a Full Over Full Bunk Beds

· Does the Bed Provide Safety?

Comfort and safety are the most important things to consider while buying a bed. Make sure that the bed you choose can withstand any weight without falling apart. The best full over full bunk beds must comply with the safety regulations to avoid any incidences of leading to accidents.

· The Available Space

Some of the beds in this category may be higher and wider than others. Some of them may have additional features while others are simple and have a size of a standard bed. Space is an important factor since you don’t want a bed that will cause congestion in the bedroom.

· The manufacture’s Recommendation

Even though the bed may appear to be strong and look like it can accommodate a lot of weight, you have to take into consideration the recommended weight limit from the manufacturer. It will assist you in making informed decisions over the choice of beds and help you in meeting the sleeping needs of your family and guests. The manufacturer may also recommend the appropriate height of mattresses that will make the bed thoroughly utilitarian. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal utilization of the bed and avoid any inconveniences.

· The material of choice

These beds may come from a broad variety of choice woods or metal. The choice of material to purchase depends on the requirements of the bed and the expected selection features. Wooden full over full bunk beds have additional features like drawers and more elaborate designs than metallic ones. However, you cannot match the strength of metallic beds with anything else.

Bunk Bed Mattress

The Bunk Bed Mattress Ultimate Purchasing Guide

The Top Bunk Bed Mattress

Are you looking for the bunk bed mattress? There are many types of bunk beds available in the market. Children are easy to suit in it but also able to accommodate fully grown adults. Bunk beds that is purchased usually come with a mattress. However, it is often needed to be purchased separately or replaced.

The special design of bunk beds creates special considerations for buyers to think about before purchasing a proper mattress. Typically intended for kids, bunk bed mattresses should provide comfort and support that growing children require for a good night’s sleep. The correct mattress must be able to fit in each bunk in a way that does not affect the effectiveness of the bed’s safety features. Therefore,you need to know the size of the bed. It will become a safety hazard if the mattress is too high. The guard rail must be able to protrude approximately 5 inches from the top of the mattress. However, it can also be a safety risk if the mattress is too thin. This is of concern when toppers are included. With the well being of not just one but two people at stake, finding the best bunk bed mattress possible becomes twice as important.

There are various types of bunk bed mattresses available,therefore, you should resist the temptation to buy the first one you see. Conducting some research ahead so that you will have the information required when it’s time to buy. After all, your main goal is to sleep on the most comfortable mattress possible. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you all the information before purchasing one.

Bunk Bed Mattress

Why You Need A Bunk Bed Mattress?

Do you know why you need a bunk bed mattress? Here are the Reasons to buy:

  • It is very Comfortable – If you ever try to sleep on a good bunk bed mattress, you will certainly love it. The materials are just great and comfortable . The material are very gentle and soft to the skin. After a stressful day of work, you can spend some time on these mattress to relax.
  • Affordable Price-If all of us are rich then we won’t even bother about the price tag.Unfortunately we all have limited amounts of money. All of us, as shoppers desire reasonable priced item. There is a chance that a price tag would increase because of the supply and demand. YOu can look up for an affordable product in plenty of online stores. A whole lot of people are willing to pay a huge amount of money for a highly effective item. Aren’t you glad that you are able to get one for a extremely low price tag?
  • Tidiness: These type of mattress encourage tidiness. It is nice to have a clean environment as it is always pleasing to the eye. These products have aided me tremendously. By improving the cleanliness ,these products can make any environment even more attractive. Also,it is very easy to clean these mattress. The dust gets out of the bed easily. With a clean environment, it encourages good health. There are many positive aspects of being clean. One of them is the reduction of harmful organisms and bacteria.
  • Durable – If you ever try to buy a good quality mattress, you will realize how durable it is. You would not need to replace it for a very long time. It is good to be able to create a place to sleep but it is crucial to have a mattress that is durable.

Bunk Mattress Types

Below are the bunk mattress types that you should know.

Foam Mattress:
There are two factors to be consider before purchasing. It is a general knowledge that it is more comfortable to have a higher foam density. Approximately four to five pounds density or higher is considered to be adequate. There is little need to go above this level of density unless your doctor recommended you to do so.
Foam density is crucial. This is because it is a factor that differentiate between memory foam and natural latex foam. Memory foam was developed specifically for astronauts . Furthermore, it is widely known to be the most comfortable.
Natural latex foam is both eco-friendly and free from off-gassing. It is a healthy choice for both you and the environment.
Innerspring Mattress:
Innerspring mattresses are also commonly known as coil mattresses. The firmness of the mattress is determined by the number of coils used and the gauge of wire. As a general rule, the firmness of the mattress increase as the number of springs increases. This is most likely the type that you have grown up with. There are many people that would prefer coil than foam.

How to Choose the Best Bunk Bed Mattress?

How to choose the best bunk bed mattress? There are so many types of mattress available in the market. Most of them looks almost the same. Therefore, we have provided the criteria that we used to hand select all of the mattresses on our list below:

  • How To Choose The Best Bunk Bed MattressSize: The most important factor to consider is the size. Bunk beds mostly come in twin size. However, you will find some other sizes as well. For instance, some beds have a larger type of bed size on the bottom and a standard twin size on the top. All you need to know is to make sure that you know what size you need before you start your search.
  • Feedback: Another excellent method to know the quality is to search for reviews of the product. If the review is good,you might have a good experience with it. However, you must be careful with products that has many complaints,especially if it is about the comfort of the cushions being unable to remain its shape.
  • Quality: Not all cushions are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of construction. Cushions that are poorly made have a chance that it might sag in the middle after a few months. It is a good idea to look at the materials used to make the cushions. It will help you to get a general idea of the quality.

If you manage to choose the proper one, it will offer comfortable support and fits into the bed frame seamlessly. More importantly, it does not interfere with the safety and security features it provided. Keeping these considerations in mind, it will help you find the best option for your situation.