Wooden Bunk Bed Ultimate Purchasing Guide

Wooden Bunk Bed: Should You Buy It?

Wooden bunk bed is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who plans on purchasing it.  Most of them want to know the advantages,disadvantages and the guide to purchased it so that it is suitable for them. You do not have to worry about this because we are focusing on its features,advantages,disadvantages and the guide to purchase it in this article.

When you get a material that is made out of wood,it is most likely that they are sturdy,more secure and easy to move. Besides that, it will make your bedroom more appealing than before, as it looks more decorous especially if it is made out of oak.


When it comes to wooden bunk bed,a popular material that is used to made it is pinewood. It may not be as luxurious as oak but it is known to be an affordable choice. If you prefer to have a natural theme for your bedroom, getting beds that are made out of pinewood is a good idea. You will be amazed how it can transform your room into a beautiful and natural-looking theme bedroom with such affordable price.

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Wooden Bunk Bed

Before you decide to purchase everything,you have need to know its advantages and disadvantages first so that you are 100% confirmed that your decision is correct.



  1. It comes with a variety of colors and styles that you can choose from. There are many products that we purchased have a huge range of colors to choose from but most of them are artificial. Therefore, one great thing about beds that are made out of wood is that its colors are natural.
  2. If you cannot get the color you wanted based on your personal preference, you can customize it by getting stained wood.
  3. As for the style of the bed,there are many styles you can choose from as there are many types of woods. You can choose any style you like based on your preference.
  4. It is easy to be maintained and cleaned. If you polishing the wood, it will look fresh and new as if you just purchased it yesterday.
  5. The price of the materials. Based on your budget, you can get it cheap or expensive. You can get your bed made out of oak if you can afford a more expensive bed. If you prefer a cheaper and high quality wood,you can get a bed that is made out of pinewood.


  1. It is bulky and big. If you decide to move the bed around from one place to another,it can be a difficult task to do it.
  2. If the bed is made out of hardwood, it is not an environment friendly choice. This is because these trees take centuries to get taller.
  3. As there are many type of wood material out there, you need to keep an eye on the manufacturing wood and its process.

Guide To Buy Wooden Bunk Bed

Now that you have decided whether or not you should purchased it after knowing its advantages and disadvantages, we have listed a few factors when purchasing it.

1.What Do You Want Your Bedroom To Look Like?

This is based on your preference. There are so many types of wood materials you can choose from. Do you prefer to have a more natural-looking theme for your room? Do you want a room that is more romantic looking? You can choose the type of wood you want to match the theme you like.

2.Test of Time:How long it can stand

Beds that are made out of solid wood can be very sturdy. The tendency for it to break under weight or force is less likely to happen. You can get wood like Oak, it can be very durable as it is consider one of the strongest wood material you can use to make furniture and it is resistant to fungus and even moisture. Even thought it is consider to be one of the strongest wood out there, it can be very important to treat it with care. This is because that is no such thing as a furniture will remain perfect if it is abused. As Oak can last for a long time with little maintenance, it is always a solid choice for anyone who can afford it. Besides that, You can even choose walnut which is a dense and grained wood as a material of your bed as an alternative as it would not shrink up easily.

3. Which is more cost effective for you?

Getting beds that are made out of high quality wood like pinewood is a great investment. It does not only look good but it comes with an affordable price. The reason why pinewood is cheaper if you compare it with other types of wooden material is that it is considered to be fast-growing. You can even sand,stain, and even paint the food to give it a new look and more appealing again if you are bored with its appearance. If you can afford more expensive material, you can go for the oak wood. It may be a little pit more expensive if you compare it with the price of pinewood. The good thing is that you can make it look new again just by polishing it only twice per year which is not a burden at all.

4. Building and dismantling:is it easy?

If you are not a very handy person, you need to know how is the difficulty of assembling it before you purchased it. The difficulty of assembling is entirely depends on the design and the structure of the beds. If you dislike building or dismantling stuff, then get a design that is simple and easy to build.

5.Which material is the most environmentally friendly?

Wooden bunk bed can be easily recycle. This is because they will eventually decay and break down as the time goes by. If you want to be more environmentally friendly,you can be creative and to use the wood for many other types of purposes. For example, you can use it for landscaping.