bunk bed guard rail

Things You Should Know About Bunk Bed Guard Rail

Bunk Bed Guard Rail:What It Is For?

Bunk Bed Guard Rail is designed to prevent accidents like falling or rolling out of the bed. You want to use it ensure the safety for those using the top bunk. The upper bed must have a safety rail on both side for maximum safety.

bunk bed guard rail

Requirements For Bunk Bed Guard Rail

To ensure that it is safe to use,you need to make sure that the one you are using meet all the requirements.

  1. The upper edge of the guardrail must be more than 5 inches above the top surface of your mattress.
  2. The guardrails must span the whole length of your bed on the side that does not have the access to ladders or stairs if it is not secured to the wall.
  3. The openings between the guardrails and the frame must not be more than three and the half inches.This is to avoid entrapment or strangulation.
  4. The guardrails must be properly attached and structurally sound. It must be secured in such a way that they cannot be removed without using tools.
  5. If ladders are provided,make sure it is properly attached to it.
  6. For safety issues, make sure the mattress foundation is fastened and placed securely.

The Benefits and Risks of Safety Rails

Potential benefits 

  1. Provide a support to get out of the top bunk. Sometimes,when you try to get down,you would want to hold something for an extra support and safety.
  2. It can provide a sense of safety and security. When you are sleeping at the top bunk, you might be afraid that you might fall while sleeping.

Potential risks 

  1. Injury. Although it rarely occurs,injury can happen when part of your body are caught between the rails and the mattress.
  2. If the rails are not secured properly,it can cause more severe injuries when one is using the bunk bed guard rail as a support to get down.