bunk beds with stairs

Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing Bunk Beds With Stairs

Introduction To Bunk Beds With Stairs

It is a good idea to get a bunk bed with stairs. There are several reasons for this but there is one of them that stands out above the rest which is safety. If you are currently thinking to get one for your children’s room but shudder at the thought of your kids climbing up and down the ladder frequently. You have only one choice if that is the case which is to get bunk beds with stairs. Parents like to get one of these for their kids. This is because you can get it with bright colors, many types of style,it save a lot of space for those who lived in a small spaced household.

Bunk beds with stairs can be used for the renovation of your kid’s room. The design is depends on the shapes and the bright colors that you prefer. It is much safer and easier for your children to get to the top of the bunk especially for the one that is well designed and constructed. Besides that, it can provide a peace of mind to parents. This is because a staircase is not only safer for your children but it also contributed some storage space. This is because each of the stairs can be used as a deep and spacious drawer. Not only that, the stairways can also be used as a seating area for your family and friends.

There are always a downside for almost everything you purchased. The only downside or disadvantages is that a staircase can take up some space but people argue that the drawers that are built in more than make up for it. It is cost a little bit more for the whole configuration. This is because the making a staircase can be a little bit more complex than making a simple ladder.

The Safety Of Bunk Beds With Stairs

Nothing is more important than safety. The first thing that every parent’s mind when purchasing anything for your kids is safety. Safety always comes first. However, all too often asked questions about safe practices and other types of precautions are often overlooked when purchasing a furniture for their kids. It is rather often to see parents asking the wrong questions and put their kids at risk without knowing.bunk beds with stairs

While getting to the top of the bunk might not seem like it is particularly dangerous. However, a slip and fall can happen. It should be avoided at all cost. The safety option out there is to get a stair to get your child to the top of the bunk. It does not only provides a fairly large surface for your kids to step on, it also have a handrail that is already built-in when purchased. This is important when it comes to safety because your kids can hold onto the handrails to prevent them from slipping or falling. Your kids will be covered on both sides when he entered the bed as it is connected to the end of the bed.

It can eliminates climbing angles and provides a wider footing for your kids.  Besides that, it is easier for parents to get to the top of the bunk bed when required. There are even some models that have storage space available under the stairs. However, you need to pay extra attention to the drawers placement for these models. This is because some drawers open directly on to the stairs and if it is left open, it may pose a risk of tripping. Therefore, it is better to look for beds that have drawers on the side of the unit and not in a position where it can obstruct your kids getting to the top bunk.

This eliminates climbing angles and provides wider, sturdier footing for children. It is also easier for parents to climb up to the top bunk when needed. Some models even offer extra storage space under the stairs. However, for models with extra storage under the stairs, pay attention to the placement of the drawers. Some drawers open directly on to the stairs and if left open, pose a tripping risk. Look for beds that have drawers on the side of the unit instead, which will not be in a position to obstruct children walking up them.

Choosing The Right Bunk Beds With Stairs For Your Kids

You might be wondering that these kind of beds are used to be the old military type made from metal and they are often very uncomfortable to sleep in. How is it possible for your children to sleep in? Getting up and down from the top might be nothing but a torture but today stairs and ladders have made bunk beds to become the hip furniture choice for kids bedroom today. In today’s market, you will be amazed by the numbers of new varieties available and how you can find the right one for your growing kids. If you are curious what is the right choice for you, you do not have to worry. Here is a checklist of of choosing the right one for your kids. This checklist will lead you in the right direction!

1.Make sure that your room room is large enough. It is important for you to ensure that there is enough room. This is your first priority as this kind of beds are a great addition to your kid’s room. The awesome thing about it is the ability to utilize vertical space but for the horizontal space is important for walking around safely without bumping into one and another. However, You need to remember the other features such as the stairs and drawers. This is because more space is required to maneuver around and still have space for walking. Make sure your room is big enough to ample room for all of these functions. To make sure that your kids get up and won safely, factor in a few feet of walking distance around the stairs.

2.Assess the ability of your kids to access to the bunk bed. The final buying stages is to look at how your kids maneuver the stairs. It is important that your kids can access to the top without any difficulty. Sometimes, the stairs can be too narrow or even hard to see stairs tucked away and out of sight which can be a possible tripping hazard for your kids. If it is possible, let your kids to test how easy it is for them to get to the top by using the stairs and make sure a there is a handrail for them to hold onto. There are beds that do not have handrails as those are for older teenagers or children who do not need to worry about the balance.

It is the best thing to do before purchasing the unit is to call the retailer or manufacturer to give you individualized attention for the model you are going to buy bunk beds with stairs.