Everything You Need To Know About Triple Bunk Bed

Everything About Triple Bunk Bed


Triple bunk bed is important when it comes to saving space. We are living in a world that is characterized with a lot of space limitation. Some people still find double bunk beds to be uneconomical. Triple bunk beds have three beds that are stack on top of each other. They play a critical role in the bedroom of your children, dormitories, prisons, and even hostels. They allow more members of your family to use a single bedroom. This explains why triple bunk beds have been increasing in popularity.

This article focuses on the advantages of triple bunk beds, comparison between standard bunk beds and triple bunk ones, guide to buying a nice triple bunk bed, why buying a triple bunk bed is an excellent idea, and the safety tips to using a triple bunk bed. You will discover that these beds play a critical role in the current generation where people are striving to make maximum use of space.

Advantages of Triple Bunk Bed

The modern crowded world has enhanced the use of triple bunk beds. The primary intention of most interior designers, builders, and architects is to save on space, and accommodate so many things in a very small room. You may reduce the number of things in your house but leaving out a bed is a dream.

Situations may force you to have a bed for each person if your family has several members. You will require more square feet of area if you need several beds. You can create more room by stacking the beds up rather than having three beds occupying a large space.

Triple bunk beds are the best option in the room of children, prisons, dormitories, and hostels. Triple bunk beds are very appropriate in small apartments that are characterized with sky rocketing prices of housing. You can have three children sharing a single room with a lot of comfort. The children also spend a lot of time with one another and take care of smaller kids that may be afraid of sleeping alone. The same situation still applies in the case of a hostel.

Another advantage of triple bunk beds is the they are cost effective. The average sleeping space of each member is less in these beds when you compare with other beds. It is better to buy one triple bunk bed that buying three single beds or a double bunk bed and a single one. In addition, triple bunk beds require less space hence reducing the space further.

Comparison Between a Standard Bunk Bed and Triple Bunk Bed

Standard bunk beds comprise of only two beds that are stuck on each other. Standard beds only accommodate two users while triple bunk beds accommodate up to three members. Given that the height of most rooms is usually the same, triple bunk beds are more squeezed than triple bunk ones. The risk of falling from triple bunk beds is higher than that of standard bunk beds. Therefore, triple bunk beds have more enhanced safety measures than triple bunk ones.

Given that triple bunk beds accommodate more weight than standard ones, they are typically manufactured from more sturdy materials. This explains why they tend to be more expensive than standard bunk beds. When it comes to saving space, triple bunk beds save more space by making more use of your room.

Guide to Buy a Good Triple Bunk Bed

There are several factors to consider while buying a triple bunk bed. First, the bed has to be made from hard wood timber for strength. This bed has to be strong because it accommodates a lot of weight. Soft wood can be risky especially if the bed is being used by adults. Of course you don’t want a bed that may pose a risk to your family members.

You can select the color of the bed depending on the interior decorations of your room. The advantage of wooded triple bunk beds is that you can repaint them easily after purchase. The market has a wide range of triple bunk beds. You need to get one that perfectly meets the sleeping needs of your family members. Some of them have additional accessories like shelves and drawers just to name a few. These designs may be more expensive but they save more space than ordinary ones.

Why Buying a Triple Bunk Bed is a Good Idea?

You will agree with me that buying triple bunk beds an excellent idea. First, it meets the sleeping needs of your members with higher efficiency. These beds allow you to make better use of your sleeping space. Buying triple bunk beds is an excellent idea because they are cost effective. The cost of the average sleeping space on a triple bunk bed is less when you compare to standard bunk beds and normal beds. Given that more family members use the same room; triple bunk beds enhance bonding among the members.

Safety Tips for Using Triple Bunk Bed

One fact you will agree to is that the risk of falling from a triple bunk bed is very high. Therefore, safety is a major concern for anyone who is using triple beds. It’s good to enclose the area round the bed especially for the people sleeping on top decker. This will significantly reduce the risk of falling and injury. The bed should have proper guardrail on both sides to protect the user from falling and rolling off the bed. The ladder should also be properly attached to the triple bunk bed to eliminate any chances of sliding.

Another challenge is the space for the person who sleeps on the top most bed. Such a person may have a very little breathing space at his disposal. Therefore, you need to consider the height of the bed and your room while buying a triple bunk bed. You can also look at the ventilation of your room while making a purchase decision.

There are different designs of triple bunk beds. Some have an L shape where the bed is present on one another instead of stacking them over each other. This feature enhances the safety of the bed. The beds also come in loft and standard models to suit in various room spaces.