metal bunk bed

Everything You Should Know About Metal Bunk Bed

Introduction To Metal Bunk Bed

Metal bunk bed is one of the amazing furniture that offer a modern look that children adore at a very affordable price. Typically, it is crafted from steel tubes,metal rods or wrought iron. If the model that you purchased is made out of steel tubes,it is usually lightweight and easy to move around and convertible. As for the model that are made out of heavier metals such as wrought iron, you can expect it to offer you unmatched strength and durability. It can lasts for a very long time. Regardless of what type of metal you have chosen ,it is coated so that it is resistant to wear and tear such as chipping and scratching. They are gaining popularity among college dorms and other institutional uses because of their advantages.metal bunk bed

Metal bunk beds are getting more popular. This is because they are typically more affordable if compared to wooden bunk bed. Most of these beds are manufactured in countries like Taiwan, Malaysia and Mexico and they are sold in United States by importers.

Bunk beds that are made out of metal do have their place in the market and hold a decent percentage of it even though wood is still one of the most common material. They exude a modern look to your bedroom and are very durable. Besides that, the reason why they are cheaper if compare to the wooden ones is due partly to the lower production costs and their simplicity. They come with less optional items and additions that you can choose from than the wooden ones.

Most of the models you purchased feature appealing curvy forms that makes them look more appealing since metal allows for easy shaping. As they can be constructed from steel tubes,metal rods or wrought iron,the tubular design can be considered the most common type in today’s market. The quality of the models are usually coated with powder-coat finish which is tougher compared to those conventional paint and it has resistance toward scratches and chipping, UV damage and rusting. Most importantly, it looks very appealing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Metal Bunk Bed

Before you purchase anything,it is important that you know the pros and cons so that you are 100% certain that you would not regret your decision.


  1. It makes your bedroom more appealing whether you believe or not! Manufacturers have created furniture such that it combines both form and function. As metal is easier when it comes to shaping it, you can expect the design you have chosen is very appealing. A basic piece of metal furniture can be transform into something indistinguishable from wood by the natural colors that are reminiscent of wood.
  2. It is very easy to clean. When it comes to cleaning a furniture made out of metal, it is so much easier to clean than wooden furniture.
  3. Pest control. There are many scientific proof states that furniture that are made out of metal does not deter bed bugs any better than wooden furniture. however, metal furniture tolerates chemicals that are used for pest fighting which is better than wood. This is because of its less absorbent surface. It has bends, folds and board areas that allows unwanted pests especially bed bugs to hide. The good news it that with proper inspection and maintenance,it can be a helpful part of a pest management plan.
  4. It blends well with wooden furniture. While it is designed to mimic and blend in with wood furniture, it can be also a good statement as part of a team color design. The color options or custom paints are very easy to achieve.
  5. It is extremely durable. This material is able to tolerate extreme use which is makes it suitable for most group living environment especially for transient housing applications,dorms and others. These bunk beds are very durable and easy to clean. The finishes are so well-sealed that it can withstand punctures,drink rings and even extreme heavy use. If you are looking for something that can last for a very long period time,then getting this type of bunk bed is very suitable for you.
  6. It comes with an affordable price. With an affordable price, you can expect it to last for ten to fifteen years or even longer if you can maintain it well. Many of them comes with warranties that will cover normal use for more than ten years.


Most of the things that we purchased have their advantages and disadvantages. Although this type of bunk beds can be very beneficial for us, you need to consider a few negative aspects as well. Out of all the disadvantages,the one and only disadvantages you need to consider is that this type of furniture tends to be extremely heavy and bulky. If you want to move it from one place to another, you will find it is nearly impossible to do it by yourself. You will need a few people to help you to move it. The only exception to this is that you purchased a furniture that is made out of aluminium. This is because aluminium is one of the material that is very light. If you do not have any problem with this, then purchasing this type of bunk bed should not be an issue.

Wooden Or Metal Bunk Bed?

In the end of the day, you need to made your decision whether to choose wooden or metal bunk bed. The choice comes down to its aesthetics and functionality. For certain environments, some people prefer metal bunk bed with their simplicity and its new look will just fit their bedroom naturally. However, most people still think that wooden bunk bed will still be their main choice as they blend better with the rest of the furniture that are in their bedroom already. Other than that, versatility is something to consider as well. For wooden bunk bed, it comes in many other style and variation that you can choose from based on your personal preference but there are many that find that metal bunk bed looks more appealing. Therefore, you need to make your decision whether to go for the wooden or metal bunk bed.