Things You Must Know About Bunk Bed Ladder

Three Tips To Select The Perfect Bunk Bed Ladder

Do you want to know the three tips to select the perfect bunk bed ladder. If so, this article is for YOU! People think that it is easy to select the right one but there are actually a few factors you need to consider before you purchased a bunk bed ladder. Here are the three tips that you will need to help you make which bunk bed ladder is suitable for you.



1. Space. This is one of the most important factor you should consider before purchasing. If you prefer to go for the most space saving option, getting a straight ladder bed is usually the best option as getting a staircase to get to the top of the bed can take up a lot of space. If your bedroom is long and narrow, a staircase might be a good idea as it does not protrude from the bed. Besides that, you can get an angled ladder. It will protrude further into the bedroom. However, you have the option to decide where to attach it to the bed to minimize any impact on space utilization for most cases. Most of them can be attached anywhere you prefer them to be. You do not have to worry that if you will change your mind later. This is because you can always change the configuration later.


2.Safety. It may not seem like it is any dangerous to get to the top of the bunk bed. However, there is a tendency that a slip and fall can happen. Therefore, it should be avoided at all cost. The best option for a ladder is to get an angled ladder. This is because it is a better option to get the angled ladder if you are concerned about the safety issues. This is because the angle makes climbing to the top of the bed easier and less treacherous especially among young kids. You can also add safety rail on one side. This usually gives enough support to prevent any accidents like fall or slip from happening. You can always look for ladders with wide steps and a sturdy handrail that you can hold on to.

As for the most affordable choice, you can get the straight ladder. It is your choice whether to get for the straight or the angled bunk bed ladder.

3. Comfort. You will know how uncomfortable it can be not to have sufficient support for your feet while climbing if you have climb a rope ladder with bare feet. Therefore, it is likely that you will be climbing into the top of the bunk bed with bare feet for quite some time.

As for adults, sometimes you need to climb up to get to the top of the bed to change the sheets or even read a bedtime story for your child. Your children may be okay with the thin ladder steps but you might find it more challenging than you think. Therefore, it is best that you get one that is comfortable to everybody.

Bunk Bed Replacement Ladder

Bunk bed replacement ladder is required if the bunk bed you purchased that do not come with ladders which is used to make one to get to the top bunk easier. This is true especially for kids. If it does not come with it or if it is broken, you can actually save money and build your own angled wooden bunk bed ladder. If not, there are bunk bed ladders sold separately for replacement purposes. You do not have to be handy to build it. All you need to do is to follow our 12 simple steps to build it. Here is how you do it!


Step 1-The slope of the ladder. You need to hold one length of 2 x 4 in position against the upper rail of the bed. By using the sliding bevel,you need to determine the angle you prefer to build it to. After that, you need to mark where it meet the floor at the backside of the foot of the 2 x 4. In this guide, we are going to use a 15 degree angle.

Step 2. Bottom of the sides are measured and cut. Based on the mark that you just made on the 2 x 4 side, you have to draw a straight line across the face. The bevel is set to 15 degree. From the same starting point, you need to draw a line at that angle to the right of the straight line. After that, you need to cut the second side at the same point with the same angle as before.Use a circular saw to cut along the angled line. For safety purposes,make sure that you are wearing a safety gear when using a circular saw.

Step 3– Tops of the sides are measured and cut. You need to set the sides flush on the floor and up against the rail. You need to mark the 2 x 4 about three inches above the rail. After you have done that, cut the tops off of both sides using a saw.

Step 4– You need to decide on a length and cut pieces of 1 x 4 equally to affix between both sides of the ladder. The amount of rungs you need to place depends on the height of the ladder. Make sure that you do not place them more than twelve inches apart on the center and the beginning is not higher than eight inches off the ground.

Step 5– Make a mark on both side pieces of the ladder starting eight inches off the ground. The rungs should be space 10 inches apart. measure it equally on the both pieces and make a second mark on each. As for the last rung, it must to be placed above the rail of the upper bunk.

Step 6– Hold the T- -square against the face of the side at 90 degree angle to its long edge at the marks you have just made. After that, you need to draw a straight line across over the mark. The sliding bevel is set at a 15 degree angle. Draw a line 15 degree off the straight line from the outside edge of the side. This is done on the inside face of the side at each mark.


Step 7– The lines for the rungs must be parallel to the floor. Drill in two holes on each line through the 2 x 4 by using a power drill. After that, use the power drill to drill a countersink into the outside of the holes.

Step 8– You need to preset the wood screws. This is done by preset two 31/2 inch screws into each of the hole. If it is done correctly,there should be two per rung each side. It should be set such that the tips are barely shown on the inside.

Step 9– After you completed step 8, you need to sand the rung edges. The sharp top and bottom edges of each of the rung on the front and top edge on the back should be round out by using a power sander. After that, use a light sandpaper to smooth out spots that you find it rough.

Step 10– Attach the rungs. This is done by applying glue to the edge you are going to attach. Hold it in place and set the screws into the countersunk holes. Do not rush this step. Complete it one side at a time.

Step 11– Before you apply primer and paint,you need to sand the ladder down first. This is to ensure that it is smooth. After that, apply about one coat of primer. After it is dry, coat it with the paint that you prefer and let it to dry completely.

Step 12– The pilot holes for the hardware need to be drilled so that you can attach the hooks into the 2 x 4 s. After that, the hook should be hold in place and set the screws until it is properly secured. Your bunk bed ladder should be lock onto the upper rail safely once it is properly secured.